Read a Book Monday: #truth: 365 devotions for teens connecting LIFE and FAITH by Josh McDowell

Do you read a devotion every morning? Maybe you read one at night or while the family is gathered around the dinner table. I have found an excellent one for the teens in your family and life. “#Truth 365 Devotions for Teens Connecting LIFE and FAITH” by author Josh McDowell is a paperback one year devotion for teenagers.IMG_4279 Published by Barbour it is packed full of inspiration for middle and high schoolers. The cover is plain white and to the point: #truth. Teens don’t want a lot of extras. Just get to the point with them.

Author McDowell has written a lot of books. He relates well to family and children, having four kids and ten grandkids of his own. This devotional shows how he knows teens and to talk to them.

In this book, each month takes on a different truth or topic. All twelve of them are things teenagers ask about and wonder. The daily devotions themselves are only one page long. Long enough to make a point and short enough to fit into a busy schedule or maintain interest. The date and title is at the top of the page. Next comes a scripture reading, the questions, truth is answer, and a prayer closes the day. It is simple, easy, and powerful. McDowell takes faith and life for teenagers and joins them together. He presents truth and answers questions that will assist in spiritual growth and everyday walk with God.IMG_4282

This is a well written, organized, thought provoking book. It will encourage, enlighten, and engage all readers. Topics are relevant. Each month a truth is discussed. Here is a sampling of the first quarter.

January: The Truth That God Exists
February: …About God’s Word
March: …About Original Sin
April: …About God Becoming Human

I, as a grandmother, even enjoyed and was inspired by this book. On my own grandmother’s birthday the devotion was about not worrying. “Give Worries Away.” That is something everyone struggles with from time to time, and my grandmother would often say not to worry. It was extra special to read that message on what would have been her birthday. Like getting a wink from God. The devotion was great, too.

There is nothing in this book except one page devotions. No acknowledgements, nothing about the author, no group study questions. The first page starts January, An Awesome God and the last page is December 31 Forever Grateful. This is for broadening a relationship with Abba. I highly recommend it. It would be the perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or just because gift. A 5 out of 5 star rating from me for this awesome book!

“Do not forget the things I have done throughout history. For I am God – I alone! I am God, and there is no one else like me.” Isaiah 46:9 NLT


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