What are You Holding Onto Too Tightly?

Do you like change? Are you excited when you get a new phone or job? When a new restaurant opens in town do you rush to try it or stay with your favorite one? How about trading one loved thing in for something unknown. Most people are mixed when it comes to change. They do not really like it unless they control it or the outcome.

I do not like change. Familiar is comfortable to me. A new phone or computer is a nightmare for me….and my kids! I call them for help all of the time when I need to get a new one. There have been times in my life God has given me change. Sometimes I willingly accept and other times hold on tightly to my cheap pop bead necklace. Do you know that story?

“A little girl sees a beautiful necklace a the discount store. She begs her mother to buy it for her each time they go. Finally the mother lets the girl buy the inexpensive pop bead necklace kit with money from her piggy bank. IMG_3965The girl is thrilled and makes the necklace immediately. She wore it everywhere, even to bed.

Her father loved his daughter very much and after tucking her in one night asked “Daughter, do you love me?

“Yes, Daddy, you know I love you,” the little girl giggled.

“Well, then, give me your necklace.”

“Oh! Daddy, not my pretty necklace!” she cried and pouted. “You can have Emma, my favorite doll. I will let you have her glittery outfit, too.”

“No sweetie, that’s okay.” Her father brushed her cheek with a kiss. “Good night, sleep tight.”

A week later, her father once again asked her after reading her a bedtime story, “Do you love me?”

“Yes, yes, Daddy, you know I love you.”

“Well, then, give me your necklace.”

“Oh, Daddy, not that! But you can have Teddy, my bear.  ‘Member him? He’s my favorite. He is so soft, and you can cuddle with him and everything. You can have Teddy if you want him, Daddy,” the little girl said to her father nodding her head.

“No, that’s okay,” her father said and kissed her cheek again. “God bless you, my daughter. Sweet dreams.”

Several days later, when her father came in to tuck her in bed, the girl was sitting on her bed and her lip was trembling. “Here, Daddy,” she said, and held out her hand. She opened it and her beloved pop bead necklace was inside. She let it slip into her father’s hand.

With one hand her father held the plastic necklace and with the other he pulled out a red velvet box from his jacket.  IMG_3964Inside the box were real, genuine, beautiful pearls.
He had them all along. He was just waiting for her to give up the cheap things willingly so he could give her the real thing that she deserved.”

Are you holding onto something that our Heavenly Father wants you to release?  Holding tightly to something or someone that just is not good enough for you? An abusive person, a bad habit, someone that uses you and doesn’t respect you, drugs, or…..? What are you hanging on to that you should not be attached to as much as you are that goes against God or His commands? Change is hard, but you have help.

Let go and let God replace that cheap plastic pop bead necklace with an expensive genuine pearl necklace in a beautiful velvet box that you certainly deserve. He will not take things away without rewarding you with something better. (I know first hand.)  He loves you, too much.

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

4 thoughts on “What are You Holding Onto Too Tightly?

  1. Your writing today was meant for me! Trying to “relinquish ” a connection with someone I thought was “perfect for me”.
    I am slowly “forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead ”
    Phillippians 3:13.


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