Week or Weak Christian Example

Are you a good example? I can see your wheels turning, and you are wondering “an example for what?” For living a good Christian life. Do you walk the walk seven days per week or just barely, a weak walk? Can your children, family, and friends see Christ and hear His words through your words and actions? Or are you different at church than the rest of the week?

The other day when driving home I was caught in a lot of traffic. Cars were being funneled from two lanes into one, the left one. I got over pretty far back, but the closer I got to the end I noticed more and more cars desperate to get over. No, they didn’t wait their turn like everyone else but jumped the line and nudged their way in. Finally, enough was enough. I was tired of sitting in traffic, too, and was determined to quit being nice and letting line cutters over. That’s when it happened. The Holy Spirit put me under conviction. Stepped on my toes right in the car. Really, what did it hurt to show grace to the people doing that? Would I do that in church? Let people out of a pew? Certainly. Well, shouldn’t I also do it here? Yes, I should and did.

I also thought about the words I almost said, wanted to say, but didn’t as the cars kept coming to cut in line. Some blatantly veered into my lane not waiting for an invitation. Even though no one was in the car I wasn’t alone. Boy was I glad those four letter words didn’t come out. That reminded me of a story my son told. A girl that spends the night frequently with his daughters told them that she liked their house because the girls’ parents did not use bad words and hers did all of the time. What a great example for his daughters and their friends. Children learn what they see, hear, and live.

How are those Facebook postings of yours? Are your words and pictures things you would gladly share with the entire congregation? And Jesus? I am not a fan of the postings bashing spouses, children, family, or friends. They promote gossip. We need to teach love and forgiveness not humiliation. Not a fan of making fun of others or the crude jokes. I also don’t like the vulgar language some people so flippantly toss around. Respect for others has seemed to disappear along with good examples.

How are you influencing someone by the way you live? Are you living as outlined in scripture? Many people look to church going Christians for examples of what to or not to do. Are you helping them or leading them astray? Would the words you say outside of church, the things you do, and the attitude you have be acceptable inside the church, too? More importantly approved by Christ?

I am not perfect, far from it. The Holy Spirit guides me and helps stop me when I run off course. After I think about what type of example I am, I want to be better. Don’t you? For some people we might be the only glimpse of Jesus they see. Let’s show them love and how Scripture tells us to live, not dirty jokes, gossip, bad words, road rage, and bad attitudes. I want Jesus to say “good job” and not “you knew better than to do that”. Let’s be good examples and encouragers starting today. Are you with me?

“But be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”
James 1:22 ESV

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