What’s Your Favorite Party?

Do you like parties? Here we celebrate everything. Kindergarten graduation, middle school graduation, and especially high school and college. Engagements, weddings, and babies require a party, as do new jobs and retirement. Every time a holiday rolls around is a good excuse to have the entire big family over for a barbecue or pitch-in. When the weather is hot, it is time for swim party. The most popular is probably the birthday party. Who doesn’t want a party on one’s birthday? How about the slumber party the kids have? It is the one where they don’t sleep. Of course, we celebrate holidays, too. Party, party, party.

We also have parties for when we feel down and out, in the blues, depressed. That is the ever popular pity party and usually no one else is invited, just the host. These are very exclusive and reclusive.  A pity party can happen for a multitude of reasons. A relationship breaks, a test fails, the scales go up, the children are sassy, the job isn’t going well are just a few reasons to have a pity party. It consists of feeling sorry for oneself, being depressed, and crying is optional, so are chocolate and ice cream.  My sweet hubby was sick for about three years, and boy did I become an expert at throwing a party. However, I made a promise to myself and Jesus that I would not stay any longer than 5 minutes each day at my party. I decided I needed to find a designated driver. Even though no alcohol is involved I needed to make sure I didn’t get stranded at the party, especially this kind.

One of my best friends is a jewel. I can text her that I need picked up from a party and my phone immediately rings. If she is texting me and I say I’m partying, she will ask if I have a minute for her to call. She knows what I mean. That girl gets me. I unburden my heart while she sweetly listens and comments. Before we hang up she offers to pray for me and with me. I feel the presence of the Lord as we pray. My heart begins to feel the distress leave and be replaced with peace. The peace that passes all understanding is here. It flows over me and through me.  If I had known I would feel so relieved I would have left the party earlier or asked for help.  Actually, I would not have gone.

If you must attend pity parties, make sure you do not stay very long at all. Five minutes tops. Please, please have a designated driver to pick you up so that you are sure to leave. Those are not healthy parties for anyone. Choose a birthday or swim party instead!  Blow off pity parties.  They are no fun!

This Lenten Season give up Pity Parties.  Concentrate on joy.  Get that joy, joy, joy, joy, down in your heart.  You will have the peace that passes understanding and especially the Love of Jesus.  (Are you singing yet?)  Joy makes everything brighter.

John 16:33. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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